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40% off all products – Military Teachers and First Responders

40% off all products for Military, Veterans, Teachers and First Responders!

Year-round, military, teachers and first responders provide the daunting services of educating our youth and protecting us so the rest of us may stay safe. We offer discounted products for military members, veterans, teachers and first responders because we want to support your efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. We know health and well-being for each and every person leads to a happier, more active families, and safer, more peaceful communities. If our products can play a part in that mission, we would be honored and proud!

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Military (Military discounts)

Our military is an all-volunteer force that serves to protect our security and way of life, but service members are more than a fighting force, they are:

  • Leaders, humanitarians and your fellow Americans

Teachers (Teacher discounts)

Knowledge and education are the basis for all things that can be accomplished in life. Teachers provide the power of educating today’s youth for a better future. So much of what we know about the world comes from our teachers who equip us with the knowledge, skills and wisdom we need in our lives:

  • Education, Inspiration and guidance

First Responders (First responder discounts)

First responders have specialized training who is among the first to arrive and provide assistance at the scene of an emergency.

  • On the scene to face challenging and dangerous situations
  • Provide emotional and physical support to disaster survivors


Thanks for all you do to keep us safe and educating our youth. Hempdrate provides a large selection off all-natural, organic, non-GMO, and 100% vegan and CBD products, formulated in an FDA-registered facility.

In appreciation for all you have done and continue to do, we are providing a site wide discount, 40% off on all our products. Take advantage of these savings by visiting our site: Military discounts, Teacher discounts or First Responder discounts today!


40% off all products - Military Teachers and First Responders

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