What Consumers want in Healthy CBD products
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What Consumers want in Healthy CBD products

What Consumers want in Healthy CBD products

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the entire world has undergone extreme change, causing many to feel disoriented and disconnected. In March 2020, the World Health Organization acknowledged that the pandemic is causing increased stress and anxiety. With social engagement restrictions, individuals turn to Cannabidiol, known as CBD, to help provide a naturally calming effect to relieve anxiety and stress. 

In a 2020 survey, 62% of respondents reported experiencing some degree of anxiety (SingleCare, 2020). Overall, CBD sales are skyrocketing as more people are taking it for stress and insomnia due to both symptoms being linked. In most cases, when people are stressed out, they tend not to sleep.


CBD Immune Zinger Beverage Benefits

  • Beverages tap into the better for you,” healthier lifestyle trend.
  • Beverages are an excellent way to get a dose of this great-tasting drink.
  • Mobility – Drinking in public is arguably less awkward of an experience than placing oil onto your tongue with an eyedropper, vaping, or popping a gummy.
  • Untapped sub-market within the food market when considering beverage and vegan products.
  • Added health benefits – Brain Health, boosting immunity, improved gut, and higher bioavailability (i.e., feels effects quickly).
  • Finding products like Immune Zinger that encompass all of these items will be staples in the medicine cabinets of homes across the country. 



Beverage products such as CBD Immune Zinger encompass all of the beverage benefits mentioned above. Healthier beverage alternatives are one of the fastest-growing parts of this sub-market,” says Jeff Allen – Co-founder of Nano Hydrate. People are becoming more conscious and are thinking more about their health as part of their lifestyle. And with CBD, it’s a sign of the times: people are stressed, and they’re willing to invest for premium ingredients that support their cognitive wellness.” Learn more about this product and be one of the first businesses in your area to get this product in your customers’ hands. Visit us at www.hempdrate.com to purchase this healthy, great-tasting drink!.

What Consumers want in Healthy CBD products

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