CBD Top trend to stay ahead of in 2021
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CBD Top trend to stay ahead of in 2021

CBD Top trend to stay ahead of in 2021

Focus on need states, such as stress and anxiety

Across the country, we are experiencing an alarming increase in anxiety rates and associated mental health issues. Based on several CBD experts, this will provide hemp and CBD brands with new opportunities to promote the efficacy of CBD. Solutions for stress and anxiety are among the CBD top trends to stay ahead of in 2021. 

We already see an increased focus and awareness on this niche market that can be challenging due to advertising restrictions and limitations. CBD-based brands are leveraging value in alternative solutions, which allows them to bypass ad restrictions via targeted keyword searches.

Over 25% of new market entrants purchased CBD to cope with anxiety and stress-related ailments, according to High Yield Insights.

With more than 83% of U.S. employees reporting mental health issues and a whopping 67% of U.S. employers projecting a mental-health crisis within the next two years, we project heightened partnership and growth opportunities in CBD products focused on stress, anxiety, and sleep. 


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CBD Top trend to stay ahead of in 2021

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