2021 Top 5 Benefits of CBD Pet Tinctures
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2021 Top 5 Benefits of CBD Pet Tinctures

2021 Top 5 Benefits of CBD Pet Tinctures

Most (69%) Americans have at least one pet in their home, with dogs (45%), cats (35%), and fish (9%) being the most commonly owned pets among US adults. The majority of pet owners say their pets are a part of the family.

Why Pets and CBD?

Pets often bring comfort to their owners. Likewise, most pets will be comforted with various pet products alongside interaction with their owners. One goal that all pet owners share is making sure that their pet stays healthy and lives a comfortable life. Pet owners will be able to tell whenever there is some issue with their pet, whether it be changes in the pet’s actions, behavior, or diet. Animals can often benefit from the same medications that we take, though at much smaller dosages. Since most animals have the same Endocannabinoid System (ECS), the main pathway for how cannabinoids are used by the body to aid in promoting overall systemic well-being, CBD products provide the same effects towards your pets. Studies show that an out-of-place ECS can result in negative effects such as digestive issues, poor appetite, difficulty sleeping, stress, anxiety/fear, poor balance and coordination, pain, and inflammation.

CBD Pet Tinctures Benefits:

  • Promotes appetite, sleep, and mood regulation
  • Relieves pain and inflammation
  • Supports enhanced cognition and focus
  • Helps minimize anxiety and fear
  • Helps to keep pets calm
  • Fast-acting pharmaceutical-grade quality
  • Made with 100% all-natural ingredients


The list above illustrates why your pet can benefit from Hempdrate’s pet supplement. Hempdrate’s CBD pet supplement can be provided in four flavors: Natural, Chicken, Beef, and Fish. The identical pharmacy-grade quality ingredients used in the human line of products are also used for pet products. Especially today, where people are spending money on premium products to provide comfort for themselves, why shouldn’t they do the same for their pets? Learn more about this product and be one of the first businesses in your area to get this product in your customers’ hands. Visit us at www.hempdrate.com to purchase this healthy pet product. 😊

Article written by Sabrina Torres


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Sabrina Torres 2021 Top 5 Benefits of CBD Pet Tinctures – Hempdrate.com

2021 Top 5 Benefits of CBD Pet Tinctures

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