HEMPDRATE CBD Formulation Process

Great CBD products start with a meticulous growing, harvesting, processing, and CBD formulation process. At HEMPDRATE, we take this process seriously and make it our mission to be as transparent as possible with our process for making CBD oil. Scroll to step through our full production process. At HEMPDRATE, we’ve enhanced the Pharmaceutical grade formulation into our end-to-end supply chain that is defined as the process in which different chemical substances are combined to produce a final medicinal product. The formulation studies involve developing a preparation of drugs acceptable for patients. Formulation is the word often used in a way that includes dosage form.

Organic Farming

If you want to make a good CBD oil, you need to have good ingredients. HEMPDRATE CBD doesn’t just make “okay” oil, we make first-class CBD oil and we wouldn’t be able to do that if we didn’t start with the right kind of hemp. The process starts well before anyone sets foot into a lab.

Before our hemp ever hits the lab, it must be grown. Care must be taken to ensure our hemp is grown in the right conditions because hemp will absorb the toxins that surround it.

Different hemp strains provide varying amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids. The quality of the oil extracted from each plant is greatly affected by the soil and other conditions the plants grow in. We use proprietary strains with only the highest CBD and other cannabinoid content as possible, making sure they are 100% organic, pesticide-free and non-GMO.

CBD Formulation Process
CBD Formulation Process

RAW Hemp Preparation

After our hemp plants are cultivated and harvested, they are dried and stored.
Once this milling process is complete, the hemp extracts are shipped to our manufacturing facility. The milling process of our hemp undergoes strictly adheres to the industry’s highest quality standards.

The next step involves removing the oil from the hemp plant and preparing it for consumption. There are many different methods to do this but some are better than others.

We use the supercritical co2 extraction method (we do not use harsh chemical solvents like propane or butane!)

Extraction and Seperation

In order to make sure that the beneficial cannabinoids, flavonoids, proteins and terpenes are all preserved, we have perfected an exclusive extraction and purification process for our hemp.

This process also removes undesirable compounds from the extract and simultaneously protects natural molecules from being corrupted. What’s left is an oil of the highest quality possible.

HEMPDRATE CBD has taken the time to perfect this process because of the overwhelming benefit of creating an oil that is rich in phytocannabinoids – the naturally occurring compounds in hemp.

Preserving more than CBD means the oil is full spectrum (which leads to amplified benefits, known as the “Entourage Effect”).

CBD Oil Extraction
Third Party Lab Testing

Third Party Lab Testing

After each batch of oil is created, it is sent to an independent lab for testing. It’s important that the oil meets our standards for potency and quality. By testing each batch, we ensure the levels of cannabinoids are consistent and the CBD oil is pure – free of the compounds we thoroughly filtered out.

Every batch that passes the rigorous routines of third party testing receives a Certificate of Analysis.

The results are posted on our site for all of our customers to see. For added assurance, we also provide a copy of our lab result certificates with every order that is shipped out. How’s that for transparency?