HempDrate believes in honoring military members and veterans for their service therefore a HempDrate CBD veteran’s discount is the least we can do for our nation’s hardworking servicemen and women. Provide proof of service and enjoy our CBD military discount today.

How it Works

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Create an account or sign-in on our military affiliation page to retrieve and use your discount.


Follow the prompted page instructions to verify your military affiliation. (Documentation may be requested.)


Sign-in to your military affiliation account and retrieve your 40% discount code. The discount code changes every 24 hours and can only be used once per day.

Why HempDrate Offers Discounted CBD for Military Members and Veterans

HempDrate offers discounted CBD for military members and veterans because we want to support your efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. We know health and well-being for each and every service member or veteran leads to happier, more active families, and safer, more peaceful communities. If our CBD can play a part in that mission, we would be honored and proud.

Furthermore, there are countless stories from vets and service members who are astounded by what CBD has done for them. You don’t have to research for long before you find them. This is uplifting, and it inspires us to be better every day. It makes what we do more meaningful.

CBD Military Discount
CBD Military Discount

Why CBD for Veterans and Active Personnel?

CBD may support overall well-being and balance which are critical in the unpredictable lives of active personnel and veterans alike. Relief and support can be hard to come by in the ‘go, go, go’ life of active personnel. Most of us know more than a few veterans who could use some as well. CBD is a natural, plant-derived, non-intoxicating option that fits into any lifestyle.

We offer a variety of delivery methods to work with the diverse schedules and habits of vets and service members. For example, you can take CBD oil, coffee, tea, topicals, and more. No matter what your taste and lifestyle may be, you can find the right form of CBD for you.